Domestic Affairs Research

TV Violence, Children and the Press: Eight Rationales Inhibiting Public Policy Debates

April 1, 1994, 12:00 pm
By Sissela Bok

A paper by Sissela Bok, spring 1993 fellow, applies the perspective of philosopher and social critic to analyze public policy debates in the press about violent television. Bok exposes the weaknesses of eight common arguments: 1. America has always been…

The Church, the Press, and Abortion: Catholic Leadership and Public Communication

December 1, 1991, 12:00 pm
By Michael A. Russo

A paper by Michael A. Russo, fall 1990 fellow, addresses the interrelationship between the Catholic Church and the news media in the U.S. abortion debate. Russo tells the story of three Catholic Bishops and how they frame their moral teachings…