Workshops & Study Groups

The Spring 2020 Walter Shorenstein Fellows will be hosing a series of student workshops and study groups.

The Power of Ideas and Why We Need Them

Gwyneth Williams, longtime BBC Radio journalist and leader, will offer two student seminars about the power of big ideas and why they are needed. These seminars are open to Harvard University students, are not-for-credit. Registration is required for each session.

Choosing Ideas, February 27, 2020

Why News Is Not Enough, March 5, 2020

Learn more and sign-up here.

Public Media in the National Conversation

Don BaerDon Baer, Chair of the Board of PBS and former head of the global public relations firm Burson-Marstellar, will lead a series of study groups looking at public media in the United States, and the potential for public and private media organizations to innovate in the new information ecosystem.

Session One: Whither the Vast Wasteland? How Public Media Stays Strong in an Age of Information Overload, March 12, 2020. Special guests, Paula Kerger, President & CEO of PBS, and Raney Aronson-Rath, Executive Producer of FRONTLINE.

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Product & Pretzels Study Group

Hosted by Shorenstein Fellow and HKS Lecturer Kathy Pham

The Product & Pretzels study group will meet monthly and focus on “navigating the twists of product management and product leadership in the public interest.”

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Courses taught by Shorenstein Center faculty and faculty affiliates are listed below.

Spring 2020

Shorenstein Center Faculty and Lecturer Courses

DPI 101G: Political Institutions and Public Policy
Professor Thomas Patterson

DPI 101H: Political Institutions and Public Policy
Professor Matthew Baum

DPI 150Y: Seminar – Democracy, Politics and Institutions
Professor Thomas Patterson

DPI 600: The Politics of the Press
Shorenstein Center Director Nancy Gibbs

DPI 678M A and B: Product Management and Society
Kathy Pham

Courses taught by Faculty Affiliates of the Center:

DPI 663: Tech and Innovation in Government (Field Class)
Nick Sinai

DPI 675: Digital Platforms, Journalism, and Information
Nicco Mele

DPI 830: Column and Opinion Writing
Jeffrey Seglin

MLD 381: Mitigating and Managing a Crisis
Juliette Kayyem