The Shorenstein Center publishes reports and papers written by fellows, affiliated researchers, and faculty that examine themes associated with our core research initiatives. Papers by former fellows have added significantly to the body of research on the intersections of media, politics, and public policy.

The Shorenstein Center has had more than 300 Fellows since 1986, and nearly all of the papers they wrote at the Center can be found in our Research Archives.

For information about our current research projects, which are large-scale research endeavors lead by resident scholars and faculty at the Center, visit the Programs section of our website. You can also learn about our fellowships and faculty to learn more about the independent research happening at the Center.

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How Much Would You Pay to Save the Planet? The American Press and the Economics of Climate Change
January 1, 2009
A paper by Eric Pooley, fall 2008 fellow, examines how the media has covered the economics of climate change. This paper follows coverage of the economic...
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John Lewis delivers 2008 Theodore H. White lecture
November 20, 2008
Rep. John Lewis after delivering the 2008 T.H. White Lecture. November 20, 2008...
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Financial crisis: Quick fixes or reregulation?
November 19, 2008
From left: Moderator Richard Parker with Jack Blum, Robert Dugger, and Joseph Stiglitz. November...
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Would You Ask Turkeys to Mandate Thanksgiving? The Dismal Politics of Legislative Transparency
June 1, 2008
J.H. Snider, spring 2008 fellow, discusses problems with government transparency, and the feasibility of potential solutions in two papers. Paper #1:...
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Journalism and Global Health
June 1, 2008
A paper by Philip J. Hilts, spring 2008 fellow, explores the growth and future of global health news coverage. Hilts found that although newspapers have...
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A Symbiotic Relationship between Journalists and Bloggers
June 1, 2008
A paper by Richard Davis, spring 2008 fellow, analyzes how political bloggers are affecting traditional journalism. How is a community with long-held traditions...
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Lost in the Travel Pages: The Global Industry Hiding Inside the Sunday Newspaper
June 1, 2008
A paper by Elizabeth Becker, spring 2008 fellow, explores why the business side of travel is so seldom covered by journalists – and the implications. Despite...
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Leading the Way to Better News: The Role of Leadership in a World Where Most of the “Powers That Be” Became the “Powers That Were”
February 15, 2008
A paper by Geoffrey Cowan, fall 2007 fellow, argues that although many of the major news organizations that dominated the landscape a generation ago have...
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Exit Polls: Better or Worse Since the 2000 Election?
January 1, 2008
A paper by Robin Sproul, fall 2007 fellow, details the growing problems with exit polls. Sproul writes that “the six news organizations that jointly conduct...
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From VietNet to VietNam Net: Ten Years of Electronic Media in Vietnam
January 1, 2008
A paper by Nguyễn Anh Tuấn, fall 2007 fellow, tells the story VietNamNet, Vietnam’s most popular online media outlet and one of the country’s most respected...