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“Skills for Effective Business Communications” | Michael Murphy
Suggested articles on Communications

“Creating a Speaker Persona” | Holly Weeks
Creating a Speaker Persona

"How to Write a Strategic Plan" | Sushma Raman
How to Write a Strategic Plan (PowerPoint)

“Dealing with a Hostile Audience” | Holly Weeks
Dealing with a Hostile Audience

"How to Use Social Media Analytics" | Nicco Mele
How to Use Social Media Analytics (PowerPoint)

"Sex, Beer, and Rock 'n Roll? The Good Opening" | Holly Weeks
Sex, Beer, and Rock 'n Roll? The Good Opening

“Just Breathe! How to add power to your voice and calm your nerves when speaking in public” | Allison Shapira
Just Breathe! Key Take Aways

“Mental Models for Public Speaking” | Marie Danziger
Markers for Public Speaking
Mental Models for Public Speaking

“Using Social Media to Launch your Campaign or Organization” | Morra Aarons-Mele
Using Social Media to Launch your Campaign or Organization

"5 Secrets of Powerful Public Speakers" | Marie Danziger
Five Steps towards More Successful Public Speaking
The First 60 Seconds

“The Productive Writer” | Greg Harris
The Productive Writer: Reminders and Resources

"PowerPoint: Friend or Foe" | Madeline Snow
PowerPoint Is Evil, by Edward Tufte
Suggested Resources

"Making Meetings Matter" | Madeline Snow
Saving a Meeting When You're Not in Charge
Art of Hosting Conversations that Matter
An Introduction to Strategic Questioning
Suggested Bibliography: Listening Skills, Meetings
Art of Hosting (website)

How to Launch Your Own Website Using WordPress” | Ken Gagne
• Listen to Audio of Workshop 2/19/2014  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xiRM0rfjD7I&feature=youtu.be
• Sides from  workshop presentation can be downloaded at http://snipurl.com/wp-hks
• Links to additional resources including a guide to improving your site's security are available here:
• For anyone interested in e-commerce or accepting PayPal donations, these two plugins are recommended:
http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wordpress-simple-paypal-shopping-cart/ (free and offers only minimal features but is quite effective at what it does)     https://shopplugin.net/ (commercial, but comprehensive)

“The Executive Summary for White Papers, Briefing Books, PAEs and SYPAs” | Luci Herman
Executive Summary Guidelines

“Structuring a PAE or SYPA” | Luci Herman
Three Rules for Writing Excellent PAE’S and SYPA’S (PowerPoint)
Structuring your SYPA or PAE as a White Paper or a Briefing Book

"Framing for Policy Makers" | Luci Herman
Framing for Policy Makers (PowerPoint)

"Using Twitter Effectively" | David Gerzof Richard
Using Twitter Effectively    (PowerPoint)
Using Twitter Effectively, Notes, Ideas, Tools & Activities

"Introduction to Public Speaking" | Holly Weeks
Introduction to Public Speaking
High-Functioning High-Quality Presentations

“The Sixteen New Rules of Writing Email You Must Know” | Steven D. Stark
The Sixteen Rules of Writing Email

“Organizing Your Writing Process” | Jerry Lanson
Organizing Your Writing Process
Tonic for Writer's Block

“Writing White Papers for Impact” | Steven Strauss
Writing White Papers for Impact (PowerPoint)

"Effective PowerPoint Presentations" | Erin Sussman
Effective PowerPoint Presentations Key Takeaways (PowerPoint)

“The Art of the Ask: Surefire Strategies for Effective Fundraising” | Ian Palmquist
The Art of the Ask: Surefire Strategies for Effective Fundraising (PowerPoint)

“Writing for and Maintaining a Blog: An Interactive Workshop” | Ravi Parikh
Writing for and Maintaing a Blog (PowerPoint)

“Strategic Social Media Tools for Public Engagement on Policy Debates”| Josh Stearns
Strategic Social Media Tools for Public Engagement on Policy Debates (Storify)

“Writing About Social Justice Passions” | Alexandria Marzano-Lesnevich
Three Steps to Writing Effectively About Social Justice Passions

“How to Improve Wikipedia (and Your Career) without Getting the Internet Mad at You” | John Sadowski
Wiki Markup Quick Reference
Welcome to Wikipedia
Wikipedia Best Practice Guidance for Public Relations Professionals

“Be a Media Influencer” | Terri Trespicio
How to Build Your Media Brand & Take Your Mission to Market (PowerPoint)

“How to Write Your First Book” | Lisa Shannon
 Writing Your First Book: Tools & Tips for Narrative Non-Fiction  (PowerPoint)

“Becoming a Media Magnet” | Rachel Hanfling
 Rachel's Top 5 Pre-Pitch Questions  (PowerPoint)

"Introduction to Public Speaking" | Luci Herman
Introduction to Public Speaking (PowerPoint)

"Writing Policy Memos" | Luci Herman
Writing Policy Memos Part1 (PowerPoint)
Writing Policy Memos Part2 (PowerPoint)
Policy Memos

"Editing Yourself: How to Copy Edit Your Own Writing" | Kate Victory Hannisian
Editing Yourself: How to Copy Edit Your Own Writing

“Delivering Bad News”| Holly Weeks
Giving Bad News Well

“Persuasive Storytelling” | Marie Danziger
Some Rhetorical Uses of Story 
Some Suggestions about Storytelling
Persuasive Storytelling

“The Elevator Pitch for Policy Makers” | Luci Herman
Elevator Policy Pitch Presentation (PowerPoint)

“Writing Briefing Books and White Papers” | Luci Herman
White Papers Briefing Books

“Writing Longer Papers” | Marie Danziger
Good to Great Policy Analysis
Persuasive Policy Analysis 8 Steps
Guidelines for Successful Policy Analysis
Tips for Writing Case Studies
Tips for Writing Analytic Research Papers

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